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  1. Chris King says:

    Magical, a beautiful video with such relaxing and appropriate soundtrack. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Enrique de la Huelga says:

    Lovely exquisite film. I can only imagine the stealth & patience it took to capture. I recall visiting Muir Woods with a Spanish friend who was shocked to see does and fawns lingering along the path ahead of us: “¿Son imbéciles, o es que aquí no se caza?”

  3. Thank you for that. I felt like I was there. Your excellent eye translates to cinematography! Those were sublimely beautiful sequences.

  4. Kinloch McGregor says:

    Watching your video ‘My Dehesa’ I got lost in my own autumnal reverie. I loved it. Your accompanying lead-in script is entirely consistent with the visuals and feelings created by ‘My Dehesa’ and I thank you for inviting me to share in it’s existential ownership!

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